UFC president Dana White admits wrongdoing for treatment of judge

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

Las Vegas, NV, United States (4E Sports) – UFC president Dana White breached UFC’s regulatory protocol and may be subjected to sanctions after firing a judge at UFC Fight Night 48.

White did not agree with two scorecards turned in by Howard Hughes, a seasoned UFC judge.

“I got a little crazy and I overstepped my bounds. I was wrong,” White stated.

According to the UFC, neither White nor any other UFC executive has the authority to relieve a judge.

Hughes scored the first two bouts of the evening, all resulting to split decision finishes.

The UFC’s statement said that the organization goes through self-regulation especially in countries that does not have athletic commissions.

In that instance, the protocol states that only internal regulators have the authority to commission functions independently, without any interference from company executives or employees.

The UFC promised that any similar incident will never happen again.

“Both White and the UFC apologize to Mr. Hughes for calling his professional judgment into question.”

“Hughes has judged more than 25 UFC fight cards and the UFC looks forward to him working on its events again in the future,” the statement said.

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