Retired lineman Sean Gilbert guns for NFL Players Association top spot

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

New York, NY, United States (4E Sports) – Retired NFL player Sean Gilbert is eyeing to replace DeMaurice Smith as head of the NFL Players Association.

Gilbert released his formal platform Tuesday, including a plan to terminate the league’s collective bargaining agreement and support for an 18-game season.

In a conference call, Gilbert said the deal has shifted $2.5 billion to owners from what players would have received under the previous CBA. If the current deal continues until 2021, he projected a total transfer of $10 billion.

If the current CBA is terminated, Gilbert plans to demand for a $1 million minimum salary, reduction of rookie contracts to three years and free agency after three years.

He promised to work on removing commissioner Roger Goodell from his role as “judge, jury and executioners on matters of players’ discipline, increase of roster size from 53 to 57 and 100 percent cash spending of the annual salary cap

If elected, Gilbert also vowed to work for a contract dissolution benefit that awards players 10 percent of nonguaranteed money lost after early termination of a contract.

“Shoot for the moon. If you fail, you’ll still be among the stars,” said Gilbert as he admitted that owners might not be interested in some of his proposals.

Gilbert played 11 seasons as a defensive lineman in the NFL for the Rams, Redskins, Panthers and Raiders, retiring after the 2003 season. He made the Pro Bowl in 1993 while with the Rams and finished his career with 42.5 sacks.

Smith’s contract is set to expire in 2015. He presided over the 2011 CBA that led to a three-year reduction of the league’s salary cap.

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