Rapper Young Jeezy Arrested after Shooting Incident at Wiz Khalifa’s Concert

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Irving, CA, United States (4E) – After the last leg of Wiz Khalifa’s Concert which was held at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvin, rapper Young Jeezy together with five others have been arrested after a search warrant was issued. These six people were taken in for suspicion of possessing assault weapons.

The ongoing investigation of the shooting incident has led to their arrest. The Mountain View Police Department reported that they are looking for suspects with regards to the death of Eric Johnson. Johnson was shot multiple times and was found at the backstage of the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Police received multiple calls on the evening of last Friday that they heard a gunshot fired after the said concert. Johnson was rushed to the hospital but was announced dead on Saturday morning. Johnson was said to be from Oklahoma and was an entertainment promoter.

Young Jeezy, with the real name of Jay Jenkins, was part of Khalifa’s concert and the other five were also assisting the show. The other suspects arrested are as follows: Alexa Beason, 52; William Paul Gilmore, 48; Kena Jermaine Marshall, 39; Peter Arthur Maynard, 38 and David Kuniansky-Altman, 31. All six were taken in after the police raided the venue of the concert.

Young Jeezy is said to be posted with a US$1 million. Maynard and Marshall are also still being held behind bars with the same amount. As for Gilmore, he is still in jail in lieu of a US$20,000 bail. For the two, Kuniansky-Altman and Beason, no amount has been released by the police yet.

Rapper Jeezy was said to have such high amount due to his past criminal records. According to the police, Jeezy was arrested back in January due to domestic violence towards his son. In 2008, he got a DUI and on 2005, he was charged with carrying firearms.

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