Man suffering from ALS says Ice-Bucket Challenge is not just a gimmick

Katherine De Guzman – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – If you are thinking that the ALS Ice-Bucket Fundraising is just a gimmick, you are more than wrong. A man named Jack Evans from Surrey proves that it is more than just a stunt and it actually helps those who are suffering from the said disease.

The challenge has gone viral since August and people are continuing to support the said cause. It has already earned millions from those who have been donating both from celebrities and ordinary people. Evans tells that Acting Mayor of Surre, Linda Helper, that the challenge would give people a dose of reality about the illness.

Evans claims that the ice-bucket challenge would give those who are taking the challenge the feeling of having the disease. He said that the disease bumps the nervous senses of a person heightening it to over 300 percent more than the normal person would feel. The 78-year-old man said that he has been suffering from the disease for more than two years now and he noted that he was as if being placed in a huge ice cube.

People who are taking the challenge are helping in funding the association which studies the disease further and hopefully finding a cure for it.

The Evans family hosted their very own ice-bucket challenge last week and there were over thirty friends and families who attended the event. They hosted it at the Sullivan Park and the event was a success. They were able to raise more than US$1,200.

Evans’ son and daughter talked about their father and the disease which has made him frail. Coleen, his daughter, recalled that when her father was diagnosed with the disease, the nurses and the doctors did not know much about it and it was a shame that not a lot of people know much about the disease. She notes that people think that the challenge is just a hype but she said it was more than that.

His son, John, also talked about how the disease consumed their father. From being a strong man who worked at the BC Hydro as a lineman, he was now very weak. John added that he is there to support their father as well as other people suffering from ALS.

As of now, the campaign has raised over US$53 million from donations.

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