Beyonce and Kim K Strategically Seated Apart, don’t cross paths at VMAs

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are not really seeing eye-to-eye ever since Bey and Jay Z did not attend Mr. and Mrs. West’s wedding last year. Bey and Kim were said to have been kept apart for the whole evening of the MTV VMAs.

According to reports the VMAs would be the first event that the two will be attending at the same time. The organizers went out of their way to make sure that the two divas would not cross paths ever for the entire evening.

Kim reportedly threw a cheap shot at Bey, Jay and Solange when she posted a photo on Instagram lip-locking with her hubby earlier this month. Bey never commented on this but the VMAs would not be the proper venue for them to settle their difference.

Their representatives made sure that the ladies did not arrive at the same time and that the seats were on the opposite sides of the auditorium.

Kim K reportedly instructed that the cameras won’t pan to her once Beyonce is set to perform on stage. The two ladies did not want to cause any drama by not showing up just because the other would be there.

Beyonce however was the queen of the night as she scooped four awards and her 15-minute performance was loved by the audience. Her daughter, Blue Ivy, also caught the attention of the viewers as she danced to the beat of the song performed by her mamma.

Bey was crying on stage when her award was presented and her hubby Jay went to stage with their daughter. This perhaps silenced the rumors that the two are going to file for a divorce.

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