23-Second "Tribute" to Robin Williams Spark Audiences and Slams the video as ‘Disrespectful’

Katherine De Guzman – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – The much-awaited VMAs produced by MTV was expected to have done a tribute for Robin Williams but a 23-second video did not suffice for it. Viewers took it to Twitter and labeled it as offensive and disrespectful.

The video was a montage of the actor wherein exactly six random pictures were flashed on the screen. The photos presented did not even highlight his best roles as a legendary actor. The video was played abruptly and no one even introduced the said tribute.

The song from Coldplay entitled “A Sky Full Of Stars” was played in the background. After the montage has been shown, the VMAs cut to a commercial break and the screen went black.

Comments flooded Twitter about the said montage and it ranged from angered viewers to those who made jokes about it. Chad Dukes tweeted: “That “tribute” to Robin Williams tells you everything you need to know about this show. It would have been less insulting to do nothing.”

Another angered viewer tweeted his opinion about the tribute. Tylerc wrote: “I’m glad @MTV found time to pay tribute to Robin Williams between the Taco Bell Artist To Watch Award and the TRESemme Style Check-In #VMA.”

A certain Sue Dusenberry directly told MTV what she felt with a tweet saying: “I watched the #VMAs and totally missed the Robin Williams 23 sec Tribute, Shame on U @MTV total disrespect on ur part!!”

Tyler Glenn did not want to add to the tension and his tweet was more of a joke: “Did someone push the “Robin Williams tribute” button by mistake?”

And lastly, a certain Kevin McHale voiced his opinion saying: “That Robin Williams tribute was offensive. #VMA2014″

Williams died on August 11 in his home due to depression leading to suicide. The Emmy Awards is set to give tribute to Williams and according to reports, it was heartfelt and a really wonderful tribute to the late actor.

The tribute was led by Billy Crystals and they pondered on how funny and how great it was being around him. Everyone in the audience was said to be moved.

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