Lauren Bacall Leaves £6,000 for her dog Sophie in will

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Manhattan, NY, United States (4E) – Lauren Bacall died in her New York home last week at the age of 89. Details about her last will have been released and it was revealed that she will be leaving her £16 million to her children, grandsons, and employees. Also, she left thousands of dollars for her canine companion, Sophie.

The legendary actress left over US$ 10, 000 for her dog who has been with her even when she was still acting. Sophie is a Papillion toy spaniel and she was reported to have been living luxuriously and was always pampered. Bacall left the money because she wanted to make sure that the lifestyle Sophie was accustomed to will be maintained. The money for the dog will go to her youngest son, actor Sam Robards.

The neighbors of Bacall in her Manhattan apartment confirmed that the two were really almost together every day. Bacall was usually seen roaming around walking her dog. Bacall even brought her dog to the set of the movie ‘Birth’. The movie was filmed 10 years ago.

Another source has confirmed how much Bacall showed her affection to her dog. According to Jacqui Kaese, an acting coach for children, Bacall never went anywhere without Sophie and that the dog is coined with the term ‘royalty’. Despite Bacall’s busy schedule while shooting, she always had time to play with her dog while on set.

Bacall has always been a dog lover. She once said in an interview that being an only child, she yearned for having a dog and having someone to talk to.

Aside from Sophie, Bacall left a part of her will to her maid named Isla Hernandez. Hernandez is set to get US$15,000 since she had served Bacall for the past 14 years.

Bacall was first known in her movie “To Have And Have Not”. She worked with Humphrey Bogart who later became her husband. She and Bogart made more movies together which were big hits during the Golden age of Hollywood.

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