Peek Into the New Season of HBO’S Girls

June Javelosa – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – HBOs “Girls” will soon be premiering its fourth season—and with that, HBO gives fans a half a minute teaser into what Lena Dunham and the rest of the cast will be up to for this series.

You can view the video here–

The 30 second clip shows Hannah Horvath, played by Lena Dunham on a bike, where she falls off and the crew immediately coming to her aid.

Despite being set in New York, the teaser’s setting reminds viewers that Hannah has spent some time at an Iowa Writer’s Workshop, essentially keeping her away from her love interest on the show, Adam Driver.

Notable guest stars for the new season include Maude Apatow, Gillian Jacobs, Jason Ritter, Natasha Lyonne, Aidy Bryant and Zachary Quinto.

No announcements have been made of when the official premier date of the new season will be, but audiences can expect it sometime in 2015.

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