Another case linked to pop star; border guard fired for bribing Bieber’s entourage

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Members of the American Entourage of the singer Justin Bieber were alleged to have bribed a female border guard and it has been reported that the guard has been fired due to this.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has been reported to have fired a guard. The guard was alleged to have accepted bribes from the entourage of Justin Bieber.

According to an interview released by ‘NOW Toronto’, two border guards claim that a “chief” has been fired from her post. The insiders revealed that the chief was at the Niagara Falls border where the chief accepted the bribe. The bribe was said to be worth US$10, 000 of backstage passes to Bieber’s shows.

The said bribe was in exchange for the two being allowed to go to Canada despite having criminal records. Both of the said entourage is Americans which bridges Canada’s law. According to the law, foreigners with criminal records may not be allowed to enter the country as per certain rules.

The bribing incident was not revealed for when it happened but weeks after, more friends of Bieber’s entourage showed up hoping to bribe another border guard. However, they failed since there was another guard on-duty. That was when the investigations started.

Huffington Post Canada tried to reach CBSA about it and they said that they were aware of what had transpired. The statement from Esma Bailey, a spokesperson for the said organization, said that anyone who breaches the standards that they set will not be tolerated. Also, she added that they have given a memorandum letting their staff be reminded of rules and asking if they have witnessed a bribing incident.

Bieber did not comment on this yet and no word from his representatives has been released as well. Bieber himself is still facing a lot of charges. The most recent was his DUI case which has been dropped to the pop star attending anger management classes for 12 sessions. He was also ordered to post a bail and a donation for a certain charity related to people suffering from being hit by drunk drivers.

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