Kim Kardashian’s Ex, Ray J, Pleads Not Guilty for Alleged Groping Incident last May

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Groping a woman at a Beverly Hills hotel bar has caused Ray J to be given four counts. One count for resisting arrest and delaying an office, another for battery on a police officer, third for groping a woman and lastly, vandalism.

Ray J was not present in court and was only represented by his attorney. His attorney forwarded to the judge his plea of not guilty for all the accusations given to him.

The Los Angeles County Prosecutors released this information and they have said that the 33-year-old R&B singer is set to have his preliminary hearing by August 28.

The groping incident happened last May. Witnesses said that Ray J groped a woman’s behind then advanced to touch the woman’s breast. The woman was not identified. After the woman reacted to what Ray J has done, the police came in order to arrest the singer. However, Ray J was said to have resisted the arrest and that he was spatting at the officers. Aside from that, police report that Ray J used his feet to destroy the window of the patrol car of the officers.

According to the judge handling the case, if Ray J is to be found guilty of all four counts, he will be sentenced to four years in jail.

Another case about Ray J was when he was pulled over by two officers as he was seen texting while driving. He then explained that he had trouble connecting his Bluetooth headset to his phone. The two officers let him go but issued him a warning. The two officers even took a picture with the singer. Because of this, the Los Angeles Police Department wants to investigate this further.

Ray J is Kim Kardashian’s ex and was in the scandalous video that leaked on the internet.

Ray J also hosts “Bad Girls All-Star Battle”.

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