Jennifer Hudson’s Half- Brother, Stephen Simpson, Arrested

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Detroit, MI, United States (4E) – Jennifer Hudson’s half-brother named Stephen Angelo Simpson has been arrested last August 19. Reports claim that Simpson repeatedly stabbed a man’s face who is the boyfriend of his ex-wife.

The police revealed that in the report filed, Simpson went to the apartment of his ex-wife. He then proceeded to stab the man in the face for a couple of times.

According to a witness who was identified as Torrey Hunt, the ex-wife together with the boyfriend tried to knock on his door. However, when he did, he saw Simpson stabbing the boyfriend. Hunt says that there was blood everywhere. Hunt noted that the man was being stabbed in both the chin and the chest area. This happened at around three in the morning.

The detective named Adam DeBoer was handling the case reveals that the ex-wife then proceeded to lock herself in the bathroom until she heard that Simpson already left. That was when she rushed her boyfriend to the hospital. The victim was reported to have survived the attack but had dozens of stitches. Reports say that he was already released from the hospital.

DeBoer added that Simpson has been recently accused of domestic violence. Simpson was currently on probation. On February, he was jailed for assaulting his ex-wife.

Simpson was brought to Michigan for questioning. The police said that Simpsons was cooperative for allowing them to take him in for questioning but once they started to ask him, he was not at all helpful.

If he will be proven guilty, he will be sentence with two counts. He will be charged with both attempted murder and first degree home invasion.

Hudson is yet to comment about the situation his half-brother got himself into. On 2008, the mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew of Hudson has been murdered by her brother-in-law identified as William Balfour. Balfour was then found guilty and was sentences with three life sentences without any form of parole.

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