Amy Winehouse to be honored with statue in hometown Camden

Paula David – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter

London, England, United Kingdom (4E) – A life size bronze statue in honor of late singer Amy Winehouse will be unveiled next month near her home in Camden, her family announced on Thursday.

The commemorative statue will be unveiled at the Stables Market on September 14, the singer’s supposed 30th birthday. The venue is near her home, where she was found lifeless in 2011, after overdosing from drugs.

Additionally, her father Mitch, said in a statement, “The Roundhouse would have been great as Amy and the Foundation have a great affinity with the venue, but it would not always have been accessible for fans, we wanted people to be able to see it, touch and interact.”

“Now Amy will oversee the comings and goings of her home town forever,” he went on. “Amy was in love with Camden and it is the place her fans from all over the world associate her with. The family have always been keen to have a memorial for her in the place she loved the most, which will provide fans a place to visit and attract people to the area.”

The statue, made by Scott Eaton, will be unveiled by the “Back To Back” singer’s family and friends.

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