Lindsay Lohan posts selfie with Tina Fey

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Lindsay Lohan and Tina Fey, co-stars in the hit movie “Mean Girls” reunite for a photo shoot for the reunions issue of “Entertainment Weekly”. Lohan tweets a photo of her and her teacher in the movie and it’s just so great to see them together again after ten whole years!

Lohan posted the photo on her Instagram account but deleted it eventually. Lohan captioned the photo saying that it was lovely running into an inspiring, funny, and beautiful old friend. She also included the hashtag #tinafey. The photo had more than 60, 000 likes before it was taken down but it has been shared all over the internet. Seems a lot were excited about seeing the two together in just one photo.

The movie “Mean Girls” has been released ten years ago and there was never a follow-up movie where Fey and Lohan worked together. The photo brings back the memories of how great the chemistry was in the movie where they both starred in.  Lohan played the role of this girl who wanted to fit in and Fey was the teacher who pushed Lohan and believed on what she was capable of.

Just a backtrack, Lohan was the girl who was home-schooled all her life and she lived in Africa most of her life. She then moves in the town and meets these two people who prompted her to be part of the girl group headed by Regina George who was played by Rachel McAdams. Lohan then found herself falling for Regina’s boyfriend and making pranks to get back on Regina and break the group she leads.

Fey played the role of a math teacher who saw the potential of Lohan as a math genius but was disappointed that she turned into one of the “plastics”. The girl group where Lohan has become part of has this burn book and it had all the secrets they know about all the girls at school. Lohan talked about Fey being a drug dealer and basically, the burn book was exposed for everyone to see and it taught them all valuable lessons. Fey was also the co-writer for the movie.

Anyway, the pictures for the reunions issue of Entertainment Weekly will make you feel nostalgic by October 7, 2014. Grab a tissue and get ready for missing the old times.

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