CNN anchor to Ferguson Police: ‘Why not perhaps use water cannons?’

Tep Mayo – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Atlanta, GA, United States (4E) – CNN International news anchor Rosemary Church was bombarded with outraged tweets after a comment she made on CNN.

On CNN’s Tuesday’s segment on the tear gas in the Ferguson, Mo., protests, the news anchor suggested: “Why the use of tear gas, stun grenades?” she asked. “Why not perhaps use water cannons?”

After Church’s comment, angry tweets started coming out, chastising the news anchor. Others even posted images on Twitter of the horrendous 1960s civil rights protest when protesters were fire-hosed, reeducating Church on American history.

Some of the angry tweets hosed at the anchorwoman:


Hi, @rosemaryCNN. Did you SERIOUSLY suggest using water cannons on protestors, and do you realize how very badly you need a history lesson?


Hey @rosemaryCNN “water cannons” for unruly coloreds go with German shepherds and separate bathrooms. Get a clue or a time machine.


I just wanted you to see what a water cannon was. Perhaps you would like to be in front of one yourself. @rosemaryCNN


A @cnni anchor suggested “water cannons” as a tear gas alternative in Ferguson. I get that she meant well, but no.


We must not tolerate media calling up water cannons, dogs, gas chambers or other weapons used to brutalize oppressed peoples. #Ferguson

Well, it seems like her suggestion didn’t help at all.

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