Clips’ Jamal Crawford ‘living the dream’ while helping Seattle

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Seattle, WA, United States (4E Sports) – Jamal Crawford have surely gone a long way since being drafted in the NBA in 2000 by the Cleveland Cavaliers and has lived the dream while helping his home city.

Since then, he was known as a dangerous scorer with elite dribbling skills coming off-the-bench.

He won the NBA 6th Man of the Year twice including his previous season with the Los Angeles Clippers.

“I’m going on year 15, which is just crazy,” Crawford stated.

Crawford is already living his childhood dreams and is helping Seattle through the sport he loves.

He reminisced the time when he dreamed of buying a house which he used as one of his motivations to strive and work harder.

Crawford shared, “I’d go over there, and look at the water. There was a home across the water I’d always stare at, and say one day, I want to have the opportunity to afford that house.

“It was kind of like motivation,” he added.

Although he brought a different house, he considers Seattle his home and admitted he could not leave anywhere else.

Crawford is also keeping his city’s basketball dreams alive by financing for gyms, courts, and tournaments.

He paid for the refurbishment of his high school gym and a new playground and court at Liberty Park in Renton.

Crawford is also financing the Seattle Pro-Am at Seattle Pacific University which is held during summer.

Players from the NBA, high school players, college and former college players are coming together in the league to play high level competition, all for charity.

Crawford will head back to Los Angeles in a few weeks and will work with a number of Seattle natives.

“Myself, Ballmer of course, Spencer Hawes, CJ Wilcox, four guys with Seattle ties.”

Crawford wants to be known as a better person rather than just a basketball person.

“I’m literally living a dream. To see something grow, see people grow, and people you’ve helped over the way is pretty cool,” he added.

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