American Idol’s William Hung, who sang Ricky Martin’s "She Bangs", Gets Married

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – And William Hung is officially off the market ladies! He just got married and the big smile on his face says it all as well as the big ring which his wife is wearing as they posed for the camera.

Hung was one of the many contestants who did not make it through the first stage but he was definitely one of those who left a mark which people remembered. Hung sang Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” and he did not, in any way, hit any of the notes. He did not get any yes from any of the judges back in season 3 but he definitely got a girl to say yes to him as she gave her hand in marriage.

Hung was videoed during the audition and he said that he was majoring in Civil Engineering and that his major did not have anything to do with singing. He revealed that he was studying in UC Berkeley and that he was 20 years old when he auditioned. He said that he loved music and he would like to make it as a source of his income. 11 years after his short-lived fame, he resurfaces with the great news of getting married.

RumorFix was the first to get the scoop and they announced that Hung and his bride got married back in June 17 this year. They wed in Alhambra California and he has pursued a career which is not related to music. He is reported to be working as the administrative assistant for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Details about his wife have not been revealed but with the photo of them, Hung looks really happy.

Hung was told by Simon Cowell, who was one of the judges when he auditioned, that he could not sing and dance. Cowell seemed pissed and he asked Hung what he wanted to hear from the judges. Despite being sad of not passing the screening, Hung answered saying that he did his best and he had no regrets. The judges were then taken aback but impressed with his confidence.

Hung inspired a lot of people because of his audition. Hung had a fan page and he even produced three albums even if his talent did not impress the AI judges. He had a couple of appearances on different shows and events and he even advertised a couple of products. If you want to relive the moment and be inspired today, watch Hung’s audition piece here:

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