Taylor Swift Surprise Fans with Debut of New Single "Shake It Off"

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NY, NY, United States (4E) – Taylor Swift’s latest single entitled “Shake It Off” has been out and it is much different from her past songs. The song is a message to all the haters and apparently, the title itself is her way of saying that she is who she is and no one can change that. The country singer is definitely breaking away from her image and the new bolder Swift is being well-accepted.

She debuted her single when she was live streaming on Yahoo while she was on top of the Empire State Building. The 24-year-old singer first played the track but then later revealed the music video. The video was not her normal love story kind of song but it is such a fresh beat from her that it has been one of the most talked about topics overnight.

The video basically is a message to shake off the negativity and a special track for her haters. The video was produced by Max Martin and Shellback who helped her produce two more songs from her recent albums. Swift adds that they wanted to come up with a video which was not like her and they definitely succeeded in making it happen.

The single is from her much-awaited fifth album which reveals her second surprise. She said that the title of the album is “1989″ and explained that she has been getting a lot of inspiration from the late ’80s songs. She points out that the videos and songs from that era were so bold and creative that it was almost limitless.

Another point she made was that the inspiration came from the lessons she has been learning as she has grown older. She says that people will be saying whatever they would like to say without considering other people’s feelings and it is unavoidable. However, she noted that we can control our reactions regarding the criticism we hear about ourselves. The lyrics are definitely inspirational and to watch the whole video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfWlot6h_JM.

As for the album, Swift announced that the cover art of the soon-to-be-released album is a Polaroid photograph wherein the words “T.S. 1989″ are written below it. She told her fans that in each album, there will be 13 photos differing from the other albums. She said that there will be secret messages in the album just like those she had been hinting on Twitter for the past weeks. The album is set to be out on stores on October 27 this year. She noted that they could pre-order her album so they can secure a copy for themselves already.

And the last surprise was the “Swiftakes” which was similar to “sweepstakes” and she told that prizes will be given to the lucky winners. 1000 tickets and meet and greets were two of the anticipated prizes.

The music video has had both negative and positive comments but Swift said that she should just “shake it off”.

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