Sandy Supers Support Clearfield County Teen Court

By Alexandria Toledo

DUBOIS – The Sandy Township Supervisors received a thank you letter from the Teen Court of Clearfield County Association for its consistent financial support, along with a donation request for this year’s association meetings.

The Teen Court has been operating for 20 years and includes 10 area school districts.  Funds go to support mock trial situations where, according to Supervisor Dave Sylvis, “…teens learn the judicial system and how it operates.”

The supervisors voted to donate $750 to the Teen Court, the same amount donated as the previous year.

A new Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirement compelling local governments to develop a retroreflection plan has Sandy Township reviewing its options.

The FHWA requirement involves the use of a retroreflectometer, a piece of equipment Sandy Township does not currently own, which costs between $10-15,000. The tool is designed to measure the retroreflection of pavement markings and road signs.

The supervisors are considering contracting the work to avoid purchasing the retroreflectometer.  They are also considering approaching other municipalities to share in the cost and use of the tool.

Township Manager David Monella brought the approaching failure of the Breck Road Bridge to the supervisors’ attention.  Monella stated that the old bridge had been failing for some time, but that last year’s flooding had made the impending failure more noticeable.

He further stated that “It’s safe, and I want to make sure everyone knows that it’s safe, it just needs some work done.”  Crews will be sent to the bridge to create temporary supports until work on the bridge can be initiated.

During public comments, Sandy Township resident Pamela August apologized to Monella for her heated remarks made during a July 7th meeting.

At the July meeting, August had questioned Monella about his qualifications and expressed general dissatisfaction with the council.  Monella replied to August’s request for an apology by saying simply “Accepted; thank you.”

August also questioned when meeting minutes would be posted to the township’s Web site, mentioning that no minutes had been uploaded since March of this year.  The board was unsure, but assured August and attendees that they would look in to it.

A motion to cancel the scheduled meeting for Sept. 1 passed 4-0; Chairman Jim Jeffers was absent from the meeting and therefore did not vote.

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