Mike Pettine, staff to determine final Browns roster

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

Cleveland, OH, United States (4E Sports) – Cleveland Browns Coach Mike Pettine and team staff are set to hold a meeting to discuss the team’s final roster.

Pettine shared with reporters that he will be considering everything from A to Z, which is to say he didn’t share much.

The statement came after the reporters asked if Johnny Manziel’s behavior against the Redskins will affect his decision.

“That type of behavior is unacceptable. He should know more than anyone that all eyes are on him.”

He also added, “We talk about ‘Play like a Brown.’ We want our guys to act like a Brown and we want this to be a first-class organization.”

Manziel lost his composure Monday against the Redskins raising his middle finger in front of the Redskins bench after an incomplete play.

In the preseason game vs. Washington, Manziel was 7 of 16 passes for 65 yards together with a touchdown.

Meanwhile Hoyer, who was given the starting duties, was only 2-for-6 for 16 yards.

Pettine said the quarterbacks’ performance Monday was not really bad since other Browns on offense stepped up to help the team.

“I think what was disappointing was the guys around both quarterbacks didn’t play well or were inconsistent,” he stated.

Pettine looks to play the quarterbacks as long as one emerges and gets the nod to be given the maximum number of reps for the pre-season.

“That’s something we have to balance and we have to discuss,” he added.

The Browns continue to roll with their pre-season facing St. Louis Saturday, capping off their campaign with a game against Chicago on August 28.

The Browns will officially begin their season at Pittsburgh on September 7.

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