Joe Jonas turns 25! Parties with "Miley Cyrus" in Las Vegas and "Strippers"?

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Las Vegas, NV, United States (4E) – Joe Jonas is now 25 and he partied like the man he really is over the weekend in Las Vegas. Complete with strippers, escorts, booze and Miley Cyrus. Well, technically, a tiny stripper who dressed like Miley. But still, he had a few lap dances from the miniature strippers and he seemed to have a really great time.

Joe is definitely happy despite his recent break-up with his ex, Blanda. Joe was one of the audiences in MGM Grand where a David Copperfield show took place. David then asked the star to join him on stage. The host asked Joe when was the last time he got in bed with someone and Joe answered back that it has been a month since he had a girl with him. The crowd cheered and it was evident what was to happen next. On the background, there was a huge fake cake and we know what that means… strippers are sure to bust out. But no one expected that the strippers would be tiny women and they offered Joe a lap dance which he was happy to accept.

One of the strippers was dressed as Miley Cyrus and “Little Spinner”, who is known as the world’s smallest stripper” also danced for Joe. Aside from the mini strippers, there was also a mini- Jonas Brothers band and they played for the birthday man.

Joe was said to have partied at the Encore Beach Club as well as the XS Night Club with his brother Nick. The party was said to be full of Beau Joie Champagne and a lot of Casamigos Tequila sponsored by George Clooney.

The boys also were spotted talking with the hot women of Sin City and they sure had a blast! Joe earlier posted his dog blowing a candle on a cupcake and captioned that he was having a great time on his birthday.

There have been no other updates on who were the friends of Joe present on his special occasion but we are sure to update the fans of Joe once we get some details.

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