Ferguson police arrest 78 protesters, friends defend cop who shot teen

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Ferguson, MO, United States (4E) – St. Louis County police arrested 75 protesters in Ferguson streets late Monday night for reportedly refusing to disperse and three men for committing other offenses.

Police in full body armor fired tear gas at protesters who defied orders to disperse at the parking lot of the burned-out QuikTrip and near West Florissant and Northwoods Estates before making the arrest.

Police used loudspeakers to warn some 100 protesters to go home for about 20 minutes before firing tear gasses them. The warning came after some protesters threw bottles at police and another group confronted a police line.

The St. Louis County Justice Services said arrested protesters were mostly St. Louis residents. Only four are residents of Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, while 18 are residents of other states.

Two other local residents were arrested for allegedly firing a weapon while an Illinois man was arrested for interfering with an officer, the Justice Services said.

Meanwhile, the friends of the police officer who shot dead an unarmed teenager on Aug. 9 near QuikTrip sparking the protests defended the 28-year-old cop as witnesses of the shooting said the victim attacked the patrolman in his car before he shot the boy.

One friend of Darren Wilson described the officer on Good Morning America on Tuesday as “quiet, well-mannered and respectful.”

Another friend identified only as Josie told “The Dana Show” on radio station KFTK that Wilson’s girlfriend told her Michael Brown, 18, bum-rushed him before he shot the boy.

The girlfriend’s version of the incident was that Wilson was trying to arrest Brown and his companion after getting a report of a theft at a local store. Wilson was about to get out of his patrol car but Brown slammed the door shut violently. When Wilson got out of the car, Brown bum-rushes him and shoves him back to the car, punches him and grappled for the cop’s gun.

The gun goes off and Brown ran away. Wilson shouted “freeze!” and Brown and his friend stopped and turned around from 35 feet away. Brown taunted Wilson and rushed at him again forcing the latter to shoot him according to the friend.

An autopsy on Brown by the St. Louis County medical examiner found several bullet wounds on his head, arm and body. The autopsy also revealed that Brown had marijuana in his system.

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