Charlie Sheen Does the Ice Bucket Challenge but with a Twist, Challenges "Two and a Half Men" Stars

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Hollywood, Hollywood, United States (4E) – When Charlie Sheen does something, expect it to be brilliant and fresh. Sheen is known for his antics and always going against the rules so this is no exception. Sheen took on the Ice Bucket Challenge for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association as they raise funds for it by challenging people with the game and making them donate money to the association.

The Ice Bucket challenge has been done by so many celebrities and even ordinary citizens of the world. The fundraising event is said to have already raised around US$ 15.6 Million as more people take on the challenge and donate money to the ALS association.

The Ice Bucket challenge tells people to video themselves as they shower ice water on top of their heads. Once they are done doing the deed, they are supposed to mention three other people to take on the challenge. If and when these people do not do the challenge, they are supposed to donate US$100 each.

However, Sheen did not go through the normal process. He videoed himself but once he was supposed to pour the expected cold water, he made it rain but with lots and lots of cash. In the video, Sheen seemed to be confused that cash was showered over his head instead of water. But then he said that ice melts, but money does not and that it would surely go to the ALS association. He said that he is donating all the money which amounted to US$10, 000.

The video was released by TMZ and if you want to watch it, click here to see the full clip:

Sheen then proceeds and calls out on the ‘Two and a Half Men’ stars Ashton Kutcher, Chuck Lorre, and Jon Cryer. He said that they should do exactly what he did and it’s definitely for a great cause. Aside from Sheen, notable people have also taken the challenge such as Justin Bieber and Oprah Winfrey.

ALS is a disease that hits the central nervous system which is both generative and fatal.

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