"Mrs. Doubtfire" stars Lisa Jakub and Mara Wilson talk about Robin Williams in Heartwarming Blog Entries

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New York, New York, United States (4E) – It has been a buzz these days on why and how Robin Williams took his own life because of depression. Tributes and messages about the comedian has been overflowing and overwhelming but this time, it comes from two stars that Williams once had as his “daughters” in the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

Lisa Jakub and Mara Wilson, both stars from the movie talked about Williams and they had nothing but kind words to say about the man they both feel like he was a champion.

Mara played the youngest of the three siblings in the movie and she shared her thoughts about the death of Williams. Mara said that the moment she found out about Williams’ suicide, she had mixed emotions. She felt shocked, regretful, confused but most of all, she was very sad that she just wanted to talk to someone and pout her heart out.

She noted that Williams definitely had a great impact on her life and she described him as a warm and a very talented person. He was someone who you would be happy to be around and she ended saying that it’s as if his favorite teacher died.

As for Lisa, she took it to her own blog account to share what she has to say about the brilliant Williams. She narrated about how Williams stood up for her when she was kicked out of high school. They were filming the movie and she had to leave school for more than five months when she was 14.

She remembers Williams noticing that she was a little upset and he asked her about what happened. Williams then handed her a letter the next day and told her to give it to her school. Lisa read it and Williams had so many things to say about Lisa’s attitude towards work. The letter was then framed in the principal’s office. Lisa noted that from then on, she knew that Williams had her back and it taught her to fight for what she thinks would matter.

She also talked about being excited in meeting Williams because she was a fan of “Mork and Mindy”. She praised Williams saying that he was really great at improv and she learned so much from him. She also admitted that she lost contact with Williams but says that she regrets it now. She said that she learned another important lesson: There are people in our lives that have a profound impact and it’s important that we reach out and let them know how they have helped us.

Again, may you Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.

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