Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett, Hank Baskett and family vacation in Costa Rica

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Hollywood, Hollywood, United States (4E) – Last week, the teaser trailer for the third season of ‘Kendra On Top’ has been released and it was quite emotional as Kendra reveals all. However, earlier this week, it has been seen that the couple together with their family were seen somewhere in Costa Rica as they enjoy the beach and the sun. Are they trying to fix their troubled marriage?

TMZ reports about this as their photographer took a snap of the couple with their kids and some other family members eating at a restaurant on the beachside of Costa Rica. The photographer reveals that there seems to be no tension or fighting between the couple who have been under the spotlight for weeks already.

The couple has been rumored to be divorcing because of the controversial issue Hank got himself into. Hank was said to have had an affair with a transsexual while Kendra was eight months pregnant with their second baby.

However, the photo of the family seemed picture perfect. The photographer confirms that there were no camera crews around so this family vacation might not be part of the third season of the couple’s reality show.

So what is the real score between this couple?

The former playboy bunny has been very emotional as reports have claimed that she is physically and emotionally stressed about the situation. In the teaser video, Kendra was close to tears as she discussed about how she found out of the cheating allegations thrown at her husband. Kendra even talked about her flushing down her wedding ring in the toilet! The new season is as real as it gets.

Kendra was also reported to have moved on from her husband and is consulting with her lawyers about her planned divorce. She was said to be focusing more on their children and is only thinking of what would be best for her two lovely kids.

But since reports claimed that they are on a family vacation, they got their fans wondering… is Hank trying to win Kendra’s heart again? Are they trying to work things out? Has Kendra forgiven Hank?

No word yet from the Baskett family but the photo pretty much says a lot about their current situation. We sure hope that the vacation would bring something good to this couple.

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