Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ Daughter Tallulah enters rehab

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Tallulah Willis, 20-year-old daughter of former Hollywood couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is finally getting treatment in a rehab facility to deal with alcohol and substance abuse. She finally gave in after her family threatened her with an ultimatum to get better or “her parents are going to take away everything from her,” a source shared.

It seems Tallulah, the green-haired fashion blogger, has been struggling with her own demons for years since the break-up of her famous parents in 2000. Adding to this was Moore’s own hospitalization and rehab in 2012. A family friend quotes Tallulah, “Of course I have issues too, look at my mom.”

A family insider who spoke in anonymity says, “The situation had been building for a while, she’s been dealing with some unhappiness, and everything sort of came to a head.”

Tallulah has appeared in her parents’ films “The Whole Ten Yards,” “Bandits,” and “The Scarlet Letter.” Earlier this month, she made headlines when she appeared in her underwear in a video to raise awareness about body dysmorphia, which she was diagnosed with when she was 13, at that time starving herself down to 95 lbs. She says, “I struggled a lot when I was younger.”

Bruce and Demi married in 1987 and divorced after 11 years. They had three daughters together, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.

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