Britney Spears Lip-Syncing Again! Caught When she sang "Perfume"

Katherine De Guzman – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – So… Britney Spears, how have you been? We just got word that she has been lip- syncing again despite statements that she won’t be doing that anymore. However, the audience totally noticed that she was not singing live during her “Piece of Me” performance held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino located at Las Vegas.

The audience claims that the pop star was caught doing it more than once. It was especially evident as she performed the song “Perfume”. Witnesses said that they heard Sia’s voice on the background. Sia was not there but the singer was in the original track. Sia recorded the song with Spears back in January for the acoustic version of the song. released the witnesses’ statements but there has been no word from Spears yet about this issue. The audience complained and said that they were disappointed not only with the lip-syncing issue but also with the dance numbers of Spears. They said that they paid a lot to see the performance but it was not definitely worth their money.

Before the start of her concert, she said in an interview with 104KissFM back October last year that she would be singing live and that she always did. She added that she will not be sounding great all throughout the performance but she would definitely give her all.

In response to the lip-syncing rumor, her Manager Adam Laber, said that to be able for Spears to do the show, it will be virtually and physically impossible for her to sing the whole time. Spears does sing on every song whenever she can but her manager points out that there is no way for a performer to sing and dance for the entire 90 minutes.

Another interview from last year with Larry Rudolph, another manager, noted that Spears is undergoing vocal and choreography coaching every day in order to strengthen her vocals. However, Rudolph notes that Spears won’t be singing the whole time and there will be numbers where she will be dancing only. They did promise there will be no lip-syncing involved.

Spears is yet to comment about this.

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