Giants welcome attacked fan Brian Stow into team clubhouse

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San Francisco, CA, United States (4E Sports) – The San Francisco Giants welcomed Brian Stow to their clubhouse; he was attacked and beaten in the Dodger Stadium parking lot December 2011 on opening day.

Stow visited the Giants with his son Tyler and was warmly entertained by the players.

Reports stated Stow was very happy as he was wheeled through the locker room. Jeremy Affeldt acted as his tour guide for the visit.

The relief pitcher has been involved with Stow’s family and has donated $25,000 to help finance medical bills, according to MLB.

“I believe in humanity and I believe in fighting against injustices that take place against humanity,” he said after the decision was handed out.

Affeldt also added, “Poverty is one of them, but so are those kinds of things where you can basically jump a guy and beat him into oblivion like that and do that much damage to a man who’s got kids.”

He said the beating that took place over a game was non-sense, “Whether we won or lost that game … they just ruined that guy’s life.”

Giants manager Bruce Bochy was glad to see Stow paying them a visit after everything he and his family went through.

Bochy also said, “It’s great to have them here. We think about him a lot and he’s talked about a lot.”

The jury awarded Stow and his family $18 million for all the damages he acquired in the incident.

The Los Angeles Dodgers LLC will be paying $14 million, while $4 million was a part of a civil suit for negligence.

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