David Blitzer says no to NBA franchise in Newark

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

Newark, NJ, United States (4E Sports) – New Jersey Devils Co-owner David Blitzer closes his doors to the possibility of having an NBA franchise in Newark again.

Before moving to Brooklyn, the Nets considered the Prudential Center in Newark their home court.

The team played for small crowds while in the city and had a bad season before leaving.

“I don’t think there’s any chance of another basketball team in Newark,” Blitzer stated.

The NBA is always leaving the door open for the possibility and even Newark native Shaquille O’ Neal had plans of bringing a team in the city.

Though Blitzer understands the situation as a businessman and knows that even if a franchise would move, they would not consider the city as a major option.

He also discussed how hard it was filling 44 dates for the Prudential Center when the Nets left, and how the arena improved their bookings for the year.

“They cranked up the number of shows, and I think we booked for the coming year 20 percent more than the last year,” he stated.

Blitzer also said, “I think the reality is, over time we’re going to be really happy to have those dates back.”

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