Former child star Mara Wilson opens up about Robin Williams’ death

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Mara Wilson, the former child star who starred alongside Robin Williams in the popular family comedy “Mrs. Doubtfire,” has finally opened up about her co-star’s tragic passing.

Wilson did not right away voice out her sentiments over Williams’ demise last Monday, but instead took time before doing so. She mentioned on Twitter, though, that she was “very sad [and] very upset” about the news. “Probably going to be taking some time off it for a while,” she added.

On Thursday, the 27-year-old writer took to her blog to express part of her sentiments. “Everybody grieves in their own way,” she began. “When I heard about Robin’s death, I was shocked, confused angry, regretful, and above all, sad. All I wanted was to talk to my family and friends and cry. “

She went on, “A few news outlets asked if I would be willing to talk about him on the air, and while I usually like interviews, I knew I wasn’t in a good place to do that. I still (a whole three days later) don’t want to do any. It’s too soon, and I need my own time to process it all. I will, however, be sharing some of my memories about him on this blog sometime soon.”

While it has been over a decade since the release of “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and the two “had not talked in a few years,” Wilson said that the late actor “had a great impact on my life.”

“He was as warm and talented as everyone says, and a joy to be around,” the former child star said. “It’s as if my favorite teacher died.”

Williams, 63, was found lifeless in his home on Monday after committing suicide by hanging himself. His wife, Susan Schneider, said in a statement that aside from depression and anxiety, Williams was also diagnosed with the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

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