iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Hit Production, Apple Eyes October Release

Cuppertino, CA, United States (4E) – We are at the point where the anticipation for the next Apple smartphone is very high and while everyone is having their own doze of iPhone 6 rumors, both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 are reported to go into production.

Manufacturing partners of the Cupertino company is in the initial stages eyeing a late October to early November release.


Unlike the heavily-leaked iPhone 6, details about Apple’s next generation iPads seems to be very elusive. The iPad Air 2 will stay pretty comfortable with the 9.7-inch display and will rock the very same 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution.

The multi-touch screen will also be coated with an anti-reflective coating that will give the slate an improved viewing experience under extreme lighting conditions.


We are expecting that Tim Cook and company will not tinker the existing pattern aside from the reported minor changes in the speaker grills and the recessed volume keys. Both iPads will have the faster A8 chipset that will definitely bring better performance and battery life. We are also seeing a bump in the rear camera sensor from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels.

On the other hand, the iPad mini 3 is going to be 30-precent slimmer than its predecessor. Our ballpark figure says that the 7.9-inch iPad will have a 5.25-millimeter depth. Still, it’ll have the same 1536 x 2048 pixel resolution.

Touch ID

Both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini will be recipients of the iPhone 5s’ famed Touch ID. However, this time, both will be having the improved and more durable fingerprint scanner from the iPhone 6. There are also talks that in adddition to the smaller iPad mini, a bigger iPad Pro with 12.7-inch 2K screen could also make it to the finish line this October. However, we should take this with a pinch of salt due to the fact that if the device really does exist, we could be seeing some hardware proof as early as now.

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