Iraqi chopper crash injures New York Times reporter, photographers

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Mount Sinjar, Iraq (4E) – An Iraqi military helicopter crashed in northern Iraq’s Mount Sinjar after delivering food to Yazidis trapped in the mountain on Tuesday killing the pilot and injuring a New York Times correspondent and photographer.

The accident also injured a Time magazine photographer, an Iraqi parliamentarian, four Kurdish militias and the passengers.

The injured correspondent is 56-year-old Alissa J. Rubin, chief of the newspaper’s Paris bureau. She suffered a broken wrist and concussion.

Freelance photographer Adam Ferguson, 35, suffered a sore jaw and minor bumps.

The helicopter crashed upside down after taking off, according to Ferguson.

Two rescue helicopters were dispatched to the scene and airlifted the injured people to a peshmerga base, said Fouad Hussein, the chief of staff for the president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani. Peshmerga refers to Kurdish soldiers.

Rubin and Ferguson were taken to a hospital in Zakho, a town near the Turkish border.

Overloading or pilot error is suspected as the cause of the crash.

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