Girls star Zosia Mamet covers Glamour magazine, reveals past eating disorders

Paula David – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – “Girls” star Zosia Mamet is on the cover of Glamour magazines’ September issue, and in her column, she revealed that she has battled eating disorders since she was a child, and that she has “nearly died” because of it.

“I’ve struggled with an eating disorder since I was a child,” she wrote. “This struggle has been mostly a private one, a war nobody knew was raging inside me. I tried to fight it alone for a long time. And I nearly died.”

It all started when somebody called her she was fat when she was eight years old. “I’m not fat; I’ve never been fat. But ever since then, there has been a monster in my brain that tells me I am—that convinces me my clothes don’t fit or that I’ve eaten too much.”

This comment, she wrote, led her to abuse her body physically by running, and starving herself. “I would stand there for hours, opening and closing the door, taking out a piece of food then putting it back in; taking it out, putting it in my mouth, and then spitting it into the garbage.”

She then grew to be a 17-year-old miser waiting to die, until her father, David Mamet, put her into treatment where she discovered something bigger than her supposed food problems. “[T]hese diseases are about control: control of your life and of your body.”

However, treatment helped her little and soon, she was back to her old ways. It took courage and some time to get her back on her feet, the healthy way. Now, she offers a way to overcome these “monsters,” as she knows she is not alone in the battle, and that is to “start talking about it” and not be ashamed.

The 26-year-old former “Mad Men” actress, who has somehow managed to keep a healthy weight, also said, “Let’s remind one another that we’re beautiful. Maybe you’ll help a friend. Maybe you’ll help yourself. “

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