Browns quarterback race between Hoyer, Manziel continues

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

Berea, OH, United States (4E Sports) – Cleveland Browns Coach Mike Pettine said there is no change in the team’s competition’s status at the quarterback position; Brian Hoyer is still ahead while Johnny Manziel is constantly improving.

Hoyer said he is not concerned and is out there to show that he is the guy and earn respect.

“I’ve got to continue to improve and play better. Those decisions are over my head. Those are made by the coaches,” he added.

Safety Donte Whitner stated the competition is fierce and draws the attention of a 50-50 locker room.

“We know they both can play,” Whitner added.

Tight end Jordan Cameron refrained from using the term division when it comes to the QB race because it leaves a negative mark on the locker room.

“Whoever’s the best player is going to play and that’s all that really matters. Nothing else to say about it,” Cameron stated.

Manziel is aware that the competition between him and Hoyer draws his teammates’ attention.

Manziel stated, “I don’t feel any rift like that or anything going on in the locker room. I think they see two guys coming out, playing football and competing as well as everybody else out on the field.”

Though the rookie is not aware if there are any real split in the locker room as the competition brews.

The quarterbacks were not able to fully practice Monday after Pettine refrained from playing them in the rain.

Pettine said there are no major changes in the competition right now.

“If there was a significant change in the depth chart, it would have been reflected on the field,” he added.

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