Young English soccer talents warned by Jack Rodwell about Man City

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

Sunderland, England, United Kingdom (4E Sports) – Midfielder Jack Rodwell did not just sign with Sunderland, but he also advised young English players to think over their career paths before signing with Manchester City.

The 23-year-old signed a £10 million deal after a two-year stay with Manchester City.

Rodwell warned young players to gain experience before signing with City.

“I would ­probably say don’t sign now, I’d say get as much football as you can,” he stated.

He also said they should go to clubs that will give them significant playing time, a privilege he never had with his former team.

Rodwell said every player should ask himself how good he is see his own potential.

“”The first thing I’d ask is, ‘how good are you?’ You just never know – you could go there, do really well and be winning league titles and everything.”

Rodwell is not discouraging young English players from representing City, instead they should decide considering the best options.

“I would just say weigh up your options and ask yourself if you want to be playing regularly.”

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