Explore Jefferson Update: Woman Who Jumped Out of Moving Car Spotted in Indiana

susan1-300x225GARY, Indiana – Sources say earlier this week, the Pennsylvania State Police received news of a sighting of Susan Bachman, the woman who has been missing since July 4, 2014.

According to Will Bachman, Susan’s brother, the internal corporate communications group at the Pilot Flying J company sent out notice of Susan’s disappearance to all of their employees in early August. When the employees at a Pilot Flying J in Indiana saw the email, they immediately recognized Susan as a woman who had caused a disturbance at their store on July 11.


Details of the incident at Pilot Flying J in Gary, Indiana:

According to sources, a truck driver picked Susan up in Pennsylvania at a truck stop off of I-80, and gave her a ride to a truck stop near Gary, Indiana. Susan wanted to continue heading west, but this driver was now turning south, so he dropped her off.

Sources say Susan was causing a disturbance at this truck stop, insisting that other truck drivers give her a ride westbound. The drivers asked the security guard on site for assistance. The security guard had a fifteen minute discussion with Susan and then required her to leave the property.

The security guard clearly recalls the incident. During that shift, he wrote it up as an incident report, as required for any time he requires someone to leave the property. When the security guard asked the woman who caused the disturbance on July 11 to provide ID, she said that she did not have ID, and refused to give her name. (This is consistent with the fact that Susan had discarded her wallet in Brookville, Pa.)

The woman had bruising on her lower arms (consistent with Susan having jumped out of her parent’s car on July 4). The wounds did not appear to be fresh – they were beginning to scab over (consistent with Susan’s jump happening one week earlier).

The security guard asked the woman if the truck driver had harmed her, and she said no. When he offered to call the police or get her medical treatment, she refused.

Susan left the property and was last seen walking towards other truck stops in the local area: a Blue Ox and a TA truck stop.

According to sources, the disturbance was not reported to law enforcement at the time because the woman did not commit any crime and left the premises after being asked to do so. At the time, the truck stop had not yet received the flyer.

The family of Susan is now taking action to follow up on this sighting, which is the first and only news of Susan since she disappeared on July 4. Bill and Nancy, Susan’s parents, are taking to the road, looking for Susan. They plan to stop at every rest stop and truck stop west of I-80, driving to California, if necessary, in search of Susan.

They will be posting updates on the trip on the following social media listed below – Facebook, Twitter, and the website:




Anyone who sees Susan is asked to contact their local police.

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