ExploreJefferson: Child Pornography Found in Punxsutawney Attic; Man Charged with 100 Felony Counts

PUNXSUTAWNEY BOROUGH (EYT) – Punxsutawney Borough Police Department arrested a 34-year-old man yesterday on a slew of charges related to child pornography.

According to a criminal complaint issued on Aug. 6, officials issued a summons for 34-year-old Allen James Pierce, charging him with 100 counts of child pornography.

On May 4, police took a call to respond to Oakland Avenue in the borough of Punxsutawney. The call was in reference to some CDs that the caller found. Upon arrival the officers spoke with two known individuals.

One of the individuals told the officers that he had been running some wires in the attic and had moved some insulation above the staircase and found the CDs in question. The other individual had viewed one of the CDs and found there to be child pornography on it and called the police. She told the officers the name of the individual who previously occupied the house.

When the officers returned to the police station, they viewed some of the CDs and discovered multiple child pornographic pictures and movies.

Police called the previous owner of the house in question. That individual stated he sold the house and that he found some pornographic images of children when he was cleaning out the attic. He said he destroyed the images.

The previous owner gave police the name of the individual who occupied the house prior to it being sold.

When police interviewed the previous occupant, it was discovered that Pierce allegedly lived in the attic, and there was evidence that one of the CDs allegedly belonged to Pierce.

On May 21, police responded to the Indiana County Jail and interviewed Pierce. Pierce allegedly admitted that the CDs were his and said the reason that they were still in the house was because he could not get back into the house to get them after he moved out.

Pierce allegedly explained that he placed messages on a message board for the images and movies, and people would send them to him. He had used sites such as limewire, bearshare and Ares.

He also allegedly stated that he has never molested a child nor has made any “home movies” with children, and that all movies and images are from downloads from a computer.

Police questioned him about why he would have these types of things, and Pierce allegedly told him that he was molested when he was younger but could not remember who the females were. He does recall them being the babysitters.

Police reviewed the CDs and determined there was a very large amount of illegal pictures and movies that depict children and juveniles under the age of 18 years old. They are engaged in the act of sex or depicting the simulation of the act of a sexual nature. Police also reviewed two movies that depict a juvenile female who was engaging in beastility, as well.

After reviewing the evidence, police filed an affidavit of probable cause, and a summons was issued for Pierce. He faces 100 counts of sexual abuse of children – possession of child pornography, which is a Felony 2 offense.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sept. 10 in front of Magisterial District Judge Douglas Robert Chambers.

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