Mudslide hits UT hillside home, residents evacuate

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North Salt Lake, UT, United States (4E) – Mud, rock and debris crashed on a hillside home in North Salt Lake, Utah Tuesday morning forcing resident of 27 other nearby homes to evacuate.

No one was injured in the mudslide that hit the home along Parkway Drive and part of the Eagleridge Tennis and Swim Club and North Salt Lake Mayor Len Arave is declaring a state of emergency so Davis County can help fund the removal of soil and materials that washed down on the community.

The evacuated homes along Parkway Drive remain threatened with falling rocks and mud from 200 yards up the mountain as rainstorms continue, according to authorities. Rains that have been falling in the city and soaking the mountain the past two weeks was blamed for the softening of the land that caused it to slide from its bedrock.

Club owner Brad Ferreira said he started getting calls at 6 a.m. that the land is sliding. He estimated the damage to the property at $600,000.

The land had been moving since April, claimed Randy Waddoups, who is in charge of maintenance for the club.

“I knew this was coming down,” Salt Lake Tribune quoted Waddoups as saying.

Local officials were concerned of landslide since last fall when there was cracking in the soil below Pace Lane, according to City Engineer Paul Ottoson. The cracking started again in the early summer, so the developer, Sky Properties, began removing soil material on the top of the hill last week. Crews were also at the site on Monday moving soil against the rock wall next to the home that was crushed.

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