Programs Announced at Parker Dam

PENFIELD – Officials at the Parker Dam State Park have announced programs for Aug. 14-16.

Thursday, Aug. 14

Animal Skull ID 

10 a.m. – Environmental Education Classroom

So you found an animal skull in the woods.  Sometimes it’s easy to tell what animal it came from, and sometimes it isn’t.  Learn how to identify Pennsylvania animal skulls by using a “skull key”.

Friday, Aug. 15

Trail of New Giants Hike

1 p.m. – Lou and Helen Adams CCC Museum 

Come hike through a part of the forest devastated by a huge tornado almost 30 years ago.  Back then it was the Trail of Giants, but today those giants are being replaced by a new generation, just not quite as big as their ancestors– yet.  We will also travel the spur to the vista that overlooks the park.  Please wear appropriate footwear.

Water Bugs and Water Beetles

8 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

Learn some of the common water bugs and water beetles that live in the park.  We should have some live specimens to look at (depends on what I can catch) and then we’ll enjoy a short video about – you guessed it – water bugs and water beetles.

Saturday, Aug. 16

Kid’s Olympics

Sponsored by the Friends of Parker Dam

12 p.m. – 3 p.m. – Beach 

Registration starts at 12 p.m.; the games start at 1 p.m.  Age groups will be: 2-5 year olds, 6-8 year olds, and 9-13 year olds.  Children can come participate in a variety of events to become the champion of their age division.  Try your hand at the Scavenger Hunt, Bean-bag Throw, Fun-noodle Toss, Pine Cone Drop, Seed Spit, and Frisbee Throw.  Participants must compete in all events to win their division and a prize.

Falconry Guest – Jeff Aucker, Master Falconer

7 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

Hunters often use varied equipment and sometimes even animals, like dogs, to participate in their sport.  But what about using a hawk to hunt?  That’s what a falconer does.  Join a master falconer as he explains his sport, how he trains and works with his birds, and shows off one of his birds of prey.


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