Adam Silver sees no major shift towards NBA’s international participation

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

New York, NY, United States (4E Sports) – NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he does not see a major shift happening towards the NBA’s participation in international tournaments despite the gruesome Paul George injury.

In a statement with ESPN, Silver said the injury will again open the debate on international tourneys.

“It seems clear, however, that this will be a topic at our next NBA competition committee meeting in September and our board of governors meeting in October.”

Silver stated the NBA will continually weigh the pros and cons of players representing their country.

Although he believes international competitions have good effects to players participating.

Silver said, “Also, it’s important to note the [improvement] many of our players have made in terms of ability, leadership and passion for the game by playing for their home countries.

The NBA commissioner also said that injuries can happen at any time.

George suffered a broken right leg in a Team USA scrimmage, contesting a James Harden layup.

The all-star swingman is likely to miss the 2014-2015 season.

Indiana Pacers President Larry Bird pledged their support for Team USA and backed up Silver, “could also have occurred anytime, anywhere.”

The unfortunate incident prompted Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to express his dismay.

Cuban wants NBA players pulled out from IOC/FIBA-sanctioned tournaments.

He believes that the league should have their own World Cup from which teams, owners, and players can profit from.

After Silver’s statements, Cuban tweeted, “When considering FIBA/Olympic events ask who gets paid. Players=No. NBA=No FIBA/IOC=YES. Ask the people making money of us what they think.”

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