Microsoft sues Samsung for contract breach over smartphone technology licensing

Nathan Andrada – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

New York, NY, United States (4E) – Microsoft Corp. said on Friday that it filed legal action against Samsung Electronics, alleging its longtime South Korean partner of contract breach in technology licensing for smartphones.

The software firm filed the complaint in a New York federal court, accusing Samsung for its unwillingness to pay for patented Microsoft technology used in its Android tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft said that Samsung is not adhering to their 2011 contract, and said the decision to file legal action was made after months of “painstaking negotiation.”

The contract involved the South Korean electronics company paying Microsoft for use of its intellectual property, according to deputy counsel David Howard.

Samsung’s smartphone sales have surged since the signing of the contract with company’s shipment of 82 million Android handsets in 2011 rising to 314 million three years later, according to Microsoft.

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