Irrigated marijuana fields in TX found, 100,000 plants uprooted

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Goodrich, TX, United States (4E) – Authorities, with the help of Polk County jail inmates, on Monday are uprooting 100,000 marijuana plants from 16 irrigated cannabis fields in woodlands near Goodrich, Texas.

Some 44,000 plants have been uprooted and hauled away in trailers so far, according to Chief Deputy Bryan Lyons from Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

A suspected grower and caretaker of the fields was arrested and campsites found in the area are being fingerprinted to identify other suspects, Lyons said.

The fields off Old Highway 35, about 70 miles north of Houston, was discovered and reported by a deer hunter on Saturday. Growers of the plants have left the area before authorities arrived that same day.

Water hoses for irrigation, power generators and living areas were found at the sites, said David Johnson, a game warden with Texas Parks and Wildlife taking part in the dismantling of the fields.

“They had pumps that were set inside the creek banks and a hosing system that ran back to the fields to where they just turned the pumps on. The pumps would run through the hoses and subsequently through the fields,” said Lyons, according to CBS News.

The 100,000 plants in the fields make it the largest marijuana bust in Texas history. In 2012, 30,000 marijuana plants were discovered on an 800-acre property near Ollie.

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