NBA looking at ‘All-Star Week’ possibilities next season

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NY, NY, United States (4E Sports) – The NBA is considering an All-Star break extension to give teams and players a week-long rest during the mid-season.

A number of all-star players already requested the league to consider a longer break.

Chris Paul expressed the idea to Commissioner Adam Silver.

Paul is the players association president and is a consistent all-star participant.

“Obviously All-Star weekend is all about the fans and showcasing our game to the entire world, but it would be nice to get a little break,” Paul stated.

Another all-star player who spoke with Silver is four-time MVP LeBron James.

According to the commissioner, one of James’ issue is that the all-star break does not really mean a break.

A player like James is busy on-and-off the court during the All-Star Weekend giving him a loaded schedule and less rest.

Silver added it would make sense if all-stars would be given a few days off from all the festivities.

The league is currently using the all-star weekend as a model in filling the schedule for next season.

If an extended all-star break would happen, there will be no adjustments with the NBA calendar.

Regular season resumes this coming October, with this year’s all-star break slated to be on Feb. 13-15 in New York.

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