Clippers may boycott if Donald Sterling remains team owner

Nikko Villanueva – 4E Sports Contributor

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E Sports) – Chris Paul and Doc Rivers, together with other players from the Los Angeles Clippers are threatening to sit out if Donald Sterling still owns the team next season.

Sterling was forever banned by the NBA after his recording of racist remarks were released last April.

Paul stated that it will be “unacceptable” if Sterling still owns the franchise next season, though the matter is currently tied up in court.

According to ESPN, the all-star playmaker was already talking to Rivers about boycott possibilities.

“Something has to happen, and something needs to happen soon — sooner rather than later,” Paul added.

Dick Parsons, interim CEO for the Clippers, said that Rivers already expressed his plans of not coaching the team if Sterling stays.

Paul also shared the future talks with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan about the situation.

“We’re all going to talk about it. We’re all definitely going to talk about it. Doc, Blake, DJ. It’s unacceptable.”

A few days ago, Sterling had a meeting with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

This is to discuss the pending $2 billion sale of the franchise, but no official deal materialized.

If the sale does not happen until September 15, the NBA will have the power to terminate Sterling as the owner and the league will be able to market the team.

Although Sterling said he will be fighting all charges as long as he lives.

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