In Sandy . . . Engineer Presents Waterline Option for West Liberty Residents

DUBOIS – At Monday night’s meeting, Sandy Township Engineer Perry Bowser presented the most cost effective option for bringing a waterline to West Liberty residents who weren’t serviced by Sykesville.

The total cost, Bowser said, would be approximately $11,000 and split among all of the residents. Bowser was uncertain how many residents would tap onto the waterline, as Sykesville currently services part of the area.

So far, one resident has requested to tap onto the township’s waterline, said Bowser.

In other business, Board Chairperson Jim Jeffers clarified Sandy Township’s procedures for public comment.  These, he said, were existing procedures that were not fully enforced before.

According to him, all questions are to be directed to the current board chairperson.  The person who is speaking to the board should speak slowly and clearly, he said.

Public commenters, Jeffers said, are required to state their name and address.  Also, he said time will be limited to three minutes, and commenters will not be permitted to give their time to another person.

Township Manager Dave Monella said that there’s been progress in the clean-up of Pentz Run.  He’s had workers on-site twice since the last meeting.  Monella said he’s also been in discussions with State Rep. Matt Gabler about assistance in contacting the B&O Railroad.

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