Study: Louisville has best fans in college basketball

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Atlanta, GA, United States (4E Sports) – A new study conducted by Emory University’s business school determined that national champion Louisville has the best fans in college basketball.

According to Emory Sports Marketing Analytics, an annual study intended to measure fan base support, the top five teams with the best fans are Louisville, Duke, Arizona, Texas and Xavier. The study placed Kentucky in seventh place and Indiana 12th.

Emory said the study’s rankings are based on “statistical analysis of self-reported revenue data.”

“We create a statistical model of revenue as a function of team quality (winning percentage, NCAA tournament qualification, etc…) and market potential (conference affiliation, median income, area population, number of students, etc…) and then compare the model’s prediction to the self-reported revenues,” the study said.

The study also acknowledged the fallout from publishing its rankings: “We fully realize Kentucky fans will once again be incensed by these rankings.”

The study also claimed that the Cincinnati Bearcats have the worst fan base in the American Athletic Conference.

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