Wealthy New Yorkers may use choppers to avoid roadways in possible LIRR strike

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NY, NY, United States (NewsBahn) – New York’s already clogged roadways may get even busier if a Long Island Railroad strike goes through as possible beginning Sunday.

Some of the wealthier commuters will reportedly avoid the road hassle by booking seaplanes and helicopters, however.

“The demand is already there,” Melissa Tomkiel, co-founder of Fly The Whale, a Manhattan-based seaplane firm, told the New York Post. “Business is already increasing because people are afraid of the strike,” she added. “They are booking two weeks in advance to be guaranteed a seat.”

A one-way peak ticket is about $550, according to the report.

Rather than sit in traffic, a 35-minute flight could save passengers hours from avoiding the Long Island Expressway.

‘Blade’ and ‘Whale Force One’ are among the flight options.

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