LT Supers Approve Novey’s Expansion Project

CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors approved the proposed expansion project for Novey Recycling at Tuesday night’s meeting. The project was approved by the township’s Planning Commission and Zoning Board.

According to Mike Boal, manager for Novey’s, the project is now waiting for finalization of permits from the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Boal said topographical surveys were used in the planning of the Novey site expansion.

Plans are to move the storage area to a lower level, which will allow stacking of materials up to 60 feet without being visible from neighboring sites. Plans include 10- to 15-foot high mulch and stone berms on two sides of the site and a new staging area.

Code/Zoning Enforcement Officer Debra Finkbeiner reported that sewage inspections are progressing with Pennsafe Building Inspection Services LLC, DuBois. Finkbeiner said 103 inspections have been completed, and 46 violation letters have gone out to residents, with about 50 percent response to date.

She reminds residents receiving violation letters that plans for correction of sewage violations must be completed according to approved guidelines, and any changes must be inspected before any work is covered.

Finkbeiner also noted that business changes in the township with new businesses moving in, or change of ownership or sites for businesses must have state Department of Labor & Industry Certificates of Occupancy updated. She said business owners should come in to see her at the Township office for Certificate of Occupancy forms.

Bob Balliet, district facilities administrator for the state Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced that the PennDOT facility under construction at Lawrence Industrial Park must apply for a variance to change the number of parking spaces in the construction plans.

Balliet said changes are necessary to comply with Department of Labor and Industry requirements for handicap-accessible ramps and parking, which will best be abated by reducing the parking from 310 to 309 spaces.

Supervisor Chairman Bill Lawhead advised Balliet to see Finkbeiner for the variance application. Solicitor James Naddeo noted that even though it is a simple change, the variance process is still required, but he did not see any problem with it being approved.

Township Secretary/Treasurer Barb Shaffner reported the resignation of Denny Leigey from the township’s Planning Commission. Supervisors extended their appreciation to Leigey for his service to the township, noting that he has served on the commission since 1991. The supervisors agreed to advertise to fill the vacancy on the commission.

Supervisor/Roadmaster Dan Mitchell reported that income surveys have been mailed to residents of Kerr Addition for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding application.

Mitchell stressed that it is imperative that surveys be completed in order to qualify for the funding to replace storm drains and pave Good Street and Bowman Hill Road in Kerr Addition. He said residents with questions about the survey or needing help completing the form may call the township office at 814-765-4551.

Mitchell presented an application for a Dirt and Gravel Road Grant through the Clearfield County Conservation District.  The supervisors approved to apply for the grant, requesting $16,458.69 for the project that includes 2,600 feet of replacement storm drain pipe and other road improvements. The total proposed cost of the project is $38,922.99. Mitchell said the balance of the cost, $22,464.40, will be provided with in-kind contributions.

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