Clearfield Police Turning the Heat Up on Aggressive Driving

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Borough Police Department has teamed up with the Clearfield Fire Department and Clearfield EMS Inc. to take a stand against aggressive driving.

When a crash occurs, members of these emergency services respond to the scene. Often, these crashes happen as a result of aggressive driving, which puts the lives of these men and women on the line to respond to an incident that could have been prevented.

Last year in Clearfield Borough, more than 67 percent of crashes were attributed to aggressive driving. Of those crashes, more than one third resulted in some type of injury.

The Clearfield Borough Police Department asks motorists to keep this in mind, as they take part the latest aggressive driving enforcement wave: Turning Up the Heat on Aggressive Driving.

The Clearfield Borough Police Department will be joined by the Pennsylvania State Police and more than 330 municipal agencies to conduct targeted aggressive-driving enforcement through Aug. 31.

The enforcement aims to reduce the number of aggressive-driving related crashes, injuries and deaths on more than 400 roadways throughout the state by cracking down on behaviors, such as speeding, tailgating and running red lights. Any aggressive driver stopped by police will receive a ticket.

Municipal police agencies that participated in last year’s campaign wrote 116,191 aggressive-driving related citations, including 54,785 for speeding alone.

Disobedience of traffic control devices/signs was the second most-common offense, resulting in 14,452 citations. Additionally, the enforcement brought about 118 felony arrests, 1,210 driving under the influence arrests and 568 drug-related arrests.

The enforcement is part of the Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project and is funded by part of PennDOT’s $2.5 million investment of federal funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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