Natalie Stovall and The Drive Close Out Music Fest 2014

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Photo by Mark Kolash

TREASURE LAKE – Music Fest at the Treasure Lake Ski Lodge closed Sunday with a torrential downpour.

The first band, The Ride, entertained a growing crowd under partly sunny skies while storm clouds loomed above.   Dirt Kicker, the second band, took the stage and shortly into their set, a burst of rain fell, causing fans to break out rain gear.

About halfway into the set, the sky opened up and the crowd scrambled for cover.  This didn’t deter Dirt Kicker, as band members entertained the huddled masses.

Natalie Stovall and The Drive anticipated rains and didn’t set up as usual.  Instead, they played indoors due to Mother Nature’s plans.

Stovall has played at the lodge in the past. She said, “We were doing a show here and they pointed outside, saying, ‘One day, you will get to play on that stage’ … and, someday, we will play on that stage.”

Stovall just returned to the states from a tour in support of troops, which was fitting, as all veterans were admitted free to Music Fest on Sunday.

Stovall shared stories from touring for the troops.  She explained obstacles troops go through, especially those in relationships.

After one tour, she sat at home and wrote, “Miss You the Most,” a powerful heartfelt song for anyone missing a loved one.

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