Parker Dam Announces Programs for July 25-27

PENFIELD – Officials at the Parker Dam State Park have announced the program schedule for July 25-27.

Friday, July 25

The Bald Eagle – Success 

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater

You may know the bald eagle as the symbol of our country, but do you know that it was once teetering on the verge of destruction.  The bald eagle’s recovery has been a process – but a successful one.  Learn more about the bald eagle and its 30 years of recovery in Pennsylvania.

Saturday, July 26

“Big Wet Rodent Day”

Beaver Dam Trail

10:30 a.m. – Beach House  

Come along one of the park’s most popular trails and discover various habitats that may provide an opportunity to see some of the wild inhabitants of the area.  Please wear appropriate footwear.

Dam Building 101

3 p.m. – Beach 

Beavers are often considered nature’s best engineers.  Come learn how they make their dams and how they are so specially adapted for such a task.  You will get an opportunity to test your skills and build a dam on the beach.

Castor Canadensis – The Beaver

5 p.m. – Environmental Education Classroom 

Once sought across the continent for its’ prized fur, the beaver (and other big wet rodents) has had a uneasy history.  Learn about how they live and are so specially adapted to survive their aquatic environment.

A Big Dam Movie

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

Celebrate “Big Wet Rodent Day” by learning more about this amazing builder and seeing video of the beaver in action.  You may be amazed by what you see.

Sunday, July 27

Tea and Talk

7 p.m. – Beach House 

The talk will be of teas, and a few trees, and perhaps more.  Bring your own mug for some of the park-grown Sweet Fern tea, and then relax and have an informal discussion with one of the park naturalists about a few trees, in particular Hemlock and Ash.

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